A new way to join

Writing a check to AVANA every year can be a hassle – so thank you to our members who have been doing it!

This year, we have a much better way  – Payroll Deduction. AVANA dues will come out of your paycheck in the amount of $4.81 every two weeks, and you will no longer have to bother with renewing, writing checks, or paying online.

There is no other organization that supports education and advancement of nurse anesthetists within the VA healthcare system.  We strive to meet this goal through our efforts of education and advocacy.

What has  AVANA done for me?

  • AVANA’s founding members helped to open up the Chief Grade for all nurse anesthetists to attain and the position of Chief Nurse Anesthetist. Before this time Nurse Anesthetists were grouped in the same pay schedule as nurses. This required the passage of four legislative bills and many trips to Central Office and Congress, usually at personal expense, to lift the ceiling that most nurse anesthetists were at.
  • Helped establish the 1-3 step increase for Educational Advancement or election to a national office.
  • Pushed for permission for CRNAs to administer regional anesthesia.
  • Established “Compensatory Time” was for “rest and recuperation” of the CRNA, to be Accumulated and used instead of annual or sick leave, as AL required advance approval so the CRNA was left with SL to be used after a night of call. Again, it took the passage of several congressional bills for the VA to add compensatory time to the leave policy. The policy was changed from “use the morning after the hours were earned”, which was often impossible at many stations, to the “accumulation and use” when the individual needed it.
  • AVANA was very involved when the idea of “salary survey” was considered as a means of gaining a better hold on the correct salary for nurses and CRNAs. Two CRNAs attended the meeting in Central Office that designed this policy.
  • From the beginning, education was listed as AVANA’s first priority. In 1974 the first educational workshop was held in Des Moines, IA. Annual educational symposiums have continued in various locations nationally since that time. This year we were in Chicago, click on the photo to see more.

If this looks like something you would like to be a part of, here is our membership form: AVANA Membership Application

Thank you for taking great care of our Veterans!

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