Have You Heard About the New Anesthesia Directive!?

An email (click HERE to view) was sent from Doug Rotter to all VA Chiefs last week regarding the Anesthesia Service Handbook being turned into a Directive. Please email this to your VA.GOV email address and open it at a VA computer – click the blue link and follow the steps to comment on this VERY IMPORTANT document that may well change your practice but has the potential to change the way all anesthesia services are provided within the VA.
There are many concerns we have with this document. We chose to highlight the most egregious things and ask that you comment on these and other parts you find offensive or that have the potential to impact your practice. You can cut/paste from the word document if you mail it to yourself, or simply use this as a guide – but please address this issue before Close of Business today.
FRIDAY June 1, 2018 is the last day to comment. With the short notice to comment on such a wide-ranging important document it is imperative that you act now, before you close this email. The approach in creating this document, the timing of over a holiday and the manner in which it was developed demonstrate an overall lack of respect for a primary provider of anesthesia services in the VA and I ask you to take action now.
To read AVANA’s position on this Directive, click HERE

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