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VA CRNA’s in leadership positions

AVANA would like to recognize a few of our current members who are involved in leadership positions.

  • Edward Salkind: William Jennings Bryan Dorn VAMC, Columbia, SC

    AANA Practice Committee Member

  • Chris Orrell:  Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System, Biloxi, MS

    VA Surgical Plan of Care Committee

  • Dan Lovinaria: Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Minneapolis MN

    President Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists (MANA)                                      

    Public Relations Chairman: AANA

  • Angie Mund: Past President of Association of Veterans Affairs Nurse Anesthetists

    Chairman of the AANA PAC Committee

                       Secretary South Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists (SCANA)

  • Lisa Lucas: Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center

    OR Flow Committee

                       Out of OR Airway Management Committee

                       CPR Committee

                              Ad hoc to Nurse Liaison Committee

Public relations Committee and Nominating Committee Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists (TANA)

  • Sherry Swearngin: Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center  

    Chairman of Boise VA APRN Committee

AANA Foundation Representative for Idaho



VHA publishes Veterans Choice Act Independent Assessment

The VHA published its Independent Assessment regarding the Veterans Choice Act that was launched in 2014. Additional documents associated with the Independent Assessment are published by Rand Corp at this site:  The paper on healthcare is here,

Within the healthcare paper, Section 6.4.2, Policy Options to Increase Productivity of Existing Resources, has as its first recommendation, Formalize Full Nursing Practice Authority throughout VA.


Representative Michael McAuliffe speaks in favor of VHA APRN’s

Our Veterans Deserve Quicker Access to Health Care September 11,2015

Representative Michael McAuliffe, Chicago 20th District

I am disheartened that we continue to see wait times increasing for veterans at VA facilities. I see veterans waiting prolonged periods of time without the health care they need, and there is more we should be doing as a nation to address the problem.

The Veterans’ Health Administration is considering a logical step that would help with the excessive wait times. The VHA is currently considering a proposal that would extend full practice authority to Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs). These highly educated healthcare professionals presently serve active duty personnel, and it is just common sense that they should be able to treat veterans to the same extent they treat active troops.

If we don’t do something soon, the problem will only get worse. Already, hundreds of thousands of veterans are forced to wait a month or longer just to get an appointment at a veterans’ hospital. Without action, we will see longer wait times for the men and women who deserve much better from our nation.

Allowing full practice authority for APRNs at VA facilities is the right move for veterans. I hope our elected officials and leaders in Washington will rally behind this proposal.


Congratulations to Maggie Gill, Chief CRNA of Brooklyn VA honored by Columbia University

963Ms. Maggie Gill, Chief CRNA of Brooklyn VA was honored a few months ago by the students who rotated through her anesthesia department.

Assistant Program Director at Columbia University; Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia stated that “Maggie is the chief CRNA at Brooklyn VA and has been dedicated to our Nurse Anesthesia Program at Columbia University for years. Maggie has shown a unique commitment to our SRNAs learning through her caring attitude and professional experience”

Maggie was presented with a crystal plaque from the students that rotated through the Brooklyn VA.


2015 Dr. Maureen Reilly AANA Foundation Scholarship Award Winner

At the 2015 AANA Annual Congress, the AANA Foundation presented the their scholarship recipients.

This year, the 2015 Dr. Maureen Reilly Scholarship Recipient is

Kittipong (Burt) Srisuwan SRNA

BurtCongratulations Kittipong from the AVANA Board of Directors! Burt is a student at the Medical University of South Carolina. His program director is Dr. Angela Mund a past president of AVANA and now an AVANA Honorary Member.


Read more about the Dr. Maureen Reilly Scholarship under the Scholarship section of the website.