The Association of Veteran’s Affairs Nurse Anesthetists (AVANA) Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee invite you to participate in an exciting leadership development opportunity for Student Nurse Anesthetists (SRNAs), the AVANA Leadership Project for SRNAs (ALPS). 

AVANA is seeking to support SRNA education and the development of leadership skills by encouraging SRNAs to become actively involved in educational, advocacy, and leadership activities. AVANA believes that this will result in a stronger and more engaged group of future CRNAs. This project has proven and promises to be a very enriching educational experience and career development opportunity for the selected SRNA.

What will the students who are selected receive?

AVANA will select and sponsor one SRNA applicant to attend the following meeting:

AANA Mid-Year Assembly, Washington DC - Apr 18 - 25, 2024

Airfare, hotel accommodations, and student registration fees will be sponsored.** The SRNA will meet with the AVANA members who attend AANA Mid-Year Assembly and will work with one board member mentor. The student will join board members to visit the House and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs and will also enjoy a sponsored dinner hosted by their assigned mentor and AVANA board members.

What do I submit, when do I submit it, and when will I find out?

The require application materials include:

• Curriculum Vitae (include projected graduation date)
• Letter of Intent: (please answer the following)

  1. Why is leadership important in your career as a CRNA?
  2. How have you been involved in a leadership role in your career?
  3. How does participation in a professional organization make CRNAs stronger as individuals and as a group?
  4. What are your plans for the future?

• Current Transcript from Enrolled SRNA Program
• One Letter of Recommendation from Program Director, Clinical or Didactic faculty or a CRNA in a leadership role

Click Here to Submit Your Application

We are not receiving applications at this time. Please continue to check back for more information on application dates. 

For questions, please contact Melanie Clemens, DNP, CRNA at [email protected].

1In the event of cancellation, recipients will be notified of the contingency plan adopted by the ALPS Committee and Board of Directors.

3 the selected SRNA is unable to attend the panned meeting, the SRNA forfeits reimbursement for any costs incurred. Exceptions may apply in unique situations